Lamoille County Habitat for Humanity
Green Mountain Chapter
P.O. Box 1306, Morrisville, VT 05661
Phone:  802 870-0990



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2010 Polar Plunge to benefit Lamoille Habitat for Humanity

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Thank you for considering volunteering with Lamoille County Habitat for Humanity. We would love your help and look forward to working with you. There is tremendous work needed to be done before we hammer that first nail and hope that you have some skills and talents that will aid us along this process. Here are some of the categories that we can use your help with at this time.

Development- We need money in order to build. We also would like to increase our community awareness at the same time as raising funds. If you would like to work on this committee on projects and fundraisers that do both then give us a call. We have had so much fun thus far with all of our events. The Murder Mystery play Karaoke Killer was a blast. Please join us to either put on your own fundraiser or take a role in an upcoming event. Grant writers are needed.

Volunteer Committee- Help on this committee involves coordinating with the Chair to bring volunteers together as we need them. It could be simply phoning others to involve them in a specific project or being at Lamoille County Field Days as a representative for Habitat for Humanity and recruiting new volunteers. When the need arises you will play an important role in moving us forward.

Church Relations- Our church relations chair communicates with 27 churches in Lamoille County. You can help with this by being a liaison to some of these churches and by getting the word out to them as they play an integral role in our mission.

Building- Since we plan to start building next summer there is plenty to do on this committee. This is where we will require some specifically skilled individuals as well as those who are just handy with the hammer. If you have knowledge of the various requirements that house building involves then give us a call. We would love to engage an electrician, plumber, roofer, chimney builder, etc. for ideas, estimates, and hands on for the project. You can be a team leader to assist less skilled volunteers. Work with our building chair now in order to plan ahead and be prepared for our first build in 2012. Of course, anyone interested in building, experience or not, should get on the list of volunteers.

Public Relations- Help to let our community know what we’re up to. You can create our newspaper ads, be at the radio station, help with posters and keep Lamoille County up to date on our events and building. You can help by visiting various organizations in our community to help spread the word and create liaisons with local businesses and organization.